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Rank Citations Authors Title Year
1 15063 J Canny A computational approach to edge detection


2 13712 M Kass, A Witkin, D Terzopoulos Snakes: Active contour models 1988
3 10185 M Turk, A Pentland

Eigenfaces for recognitionEdit

4 7677 BKP Horn, BG Schunck Determining optical flow 1981



C Harris, M Stephens

A combined corner and edge detector


6 7521 PJ Besl, ND McKay A method for registration of 3-D shapes 1992
7 6444 BD Lucas, T Kanade An iterative image registration technique with an application to stereo vision 1981



P Burt, E Adelson

The Laplacian pyramid as a compact image code


9 4387 A.W.M. Smeulders, M. Worring, S. Santini, A. Gupta, and R. Jain Content-based image retrieval at the end of the early years 2000
10 4067 W Zhao, R Chellappa, PJ Phillips, A Rosenfeld Face recognition: A literature survey 2003
11 3685 HA Rowley, S Baluja, T Kanade Neural network-based face detection 1998



RO Duda, PE Hart

Use of the Hough transformation to detect lines and curves in pictures


13 3010 A Witkin Scale-space filtering: A new approach to multi-scale description 1984



MH Yang, DJ Kriegman, N Ahuja

Detecting faces in images: A survey




PVC Hough

Method and means for recognizing complex patterns


16 2636 Chellappa, CL Wilson, S Sirohey Human and machine recognition of faces: A survey 1995
17 2607 Hutchinson, S., Hager, G.D.,  Corke, P.I. A tutorial on visual servo control 1996



BKP Horn

Closed-form solution of absolute orientation using unit quaternions


19 2454 SM Smith, JM Brady SUSAN—A new approach to low level image processing 1997
20 2300 S.M. Smith, M. Jenkinson, M.W. Woolrich, C.F. Beckmann, T.E.J. Behrens, H. Johansen-Berg, P.R. Bannister, M. De Luca, I. Drobnjak, D.E. Flitney, R. Niazy, J. Saunders, J. Vickers, Y. Zhang, N. De Stefano, J.M. Brady, and P.M. Matthews Advances in functional and structural MR image analysis and implementation as FSL 2004
21 2293 C Tomasi, T Kanade Shape and motion from image streams under orthography: a factorization method 1992
22 2143 S Lazebnik, C Schmid, J Ponce Beyond bags of features: Spatial pyramid matching for recognizing natural scene categories 2006
23 1769 DL Waltz Generating semantic description from drawings of scenes with shadows 1972
24 1705 C Yang, G Medioni Object modelling by registration of multiple range images 1992
25 1546 B Triggs, P McLauchlan, R Hartley, A Fitzgibbon Bundle adjustment—a modern synthesis 2000
26 1457 C Tomasi, T Kanade Detection and tracking of point features 1991
27 1421 S Rusinkiewicz, M Levoy Efficient variants of the ICP algorithm 2001
28 1255 PH Winston Learning structural descriptions from examples 1970



R Bajcsy

Active perception


30 1218 R. T. Collins , A. J. Lipton , T. Kanade , H. Fujiyoshi , D.Duggins , Y. Tsin , D. Tolliver , N. Enomoto , O.Hasegawa, P.Burt , L.Wixson A system for video surveillance and monitoring 2000
31 1215 A Fitzgibbon, M Pilu, RB Fisher Direct least square fitting of ellipses 1999
32 1168 C Schmid, R Mohr, C Bauckhage

Evaluation of interest point detectorsEdit

33 1163 H Schneiderman, T Kanade A statistical method for 3D object detection applied to faces and cars 2000
34 1121 T Kanade, JF Cohn, Y Tian Comprehensive database for facial expression analysis 2000
35 1115 G Turk, M Levoy Zippered polygon meshes from range images 1994



R Bajcsy, S Kovačič

Multiresolution elastic matching


37 1049 PJ Besl, RC Jain Three-dimensional object recognition 1985
38 1027 AA Amini, TE Weymouth, RC Jain Using dynamic programming for solving variational problems in vision 1990
39 999 Y Ohta, T Kanade Stereo by intra-and inter-scanline search using dynamic programming 1985
40 993 T Kanade, M Okutomi A stereo matching algorithm with an adaptive window: Theory and experiment 1994
41 947 PJ Besl, RC Jain Segmentation through variable-order surface fitting 1988
42 926 M Okutomi, T Kanade A multiple-baseline stereo 1993



JF Canny

Finding edges and lines in images


44 908 J. R. Bach, C. Fuller, A. Gupta, A.Hampapur, B. Horowitz, R.Humphrey, R. Jain, C.-F. Shu The Virage image search engine: An open framework for image management 1996
45 874 R Cucchiara, C Grana, M Piccardi, A Prati Detecting moving objects, ghosts, and shadows in video streams 2003
46 873 YI Ohta, T Kanade, T Sakai Color information for region segmentation 1980
47 846 S Umeyama Least-squares estimation of transformation parameters between two point patterns 1991
48 838 MS Lew, N Sebe, C Djeraba, R Jain Content-based multimedia information retrieval: State of the art and challenges 2006
49 797 YI Tian, T Kanade, JF Cohn Recognizing action units for facial expression analysis 2001
50 792 S Baker, T Kanade Limits on super-resolution and how to break them 2002
51 791 D Terzopoulos, A Witkin, M Kass Constraints on deformable models: Recovering 3D shape and nonrigid motion 1988



YK Hwang, N Ahuja

Gross motion planning—a survey


53 735 A. Hoover, G.Jean-Baptiste, X. Jiang, P.J. Flynn, H. Bunke, D. B. Goldgof, K. Bowyer, D. W. Eggert, A.Fitzgibbon, R. B. Fisher An experimental comparison of range image segmentation algorithms 1996



PJ Burt, EH Adelson

A multiresolution spline with application to image mosaics


55 707 R Nevatia, K Ramesh Babu Linear feature extraction and description 1980
56 705 RH Bamberger, MJT Smith

A filter bank for the directional decomposition of images: Theory and design

57 680 A Gupta, R Jain Visual information retrieval 1997
58 668 A. P. Witkin, M. Baudin,   R. O. Duda Uniqueness of the Gaussian kernel for scale-space filtering 1986
59 652 S. J. McKenna,S. Jabri ,Z.Duric, A.Rosenfeld, H. Wechsle Tracking groups of people 2000
60 648 BKP Horn Obtaining shape from shading information 1989
61 643 K Ikeuchi, BKP Horn Numerical shape from shading and occluding boundaries 1981
62 639 L Matthies, T Kanade, R Szeliski Kalman filter-based algorithms for estimating depth from image sequences 1989
63 635 TO Binford Visual perception by computer 1971
64 631 Fitzpatrick, J.M., West, J.B. ;  Maurer, C.R., Jr. Predicting error in rigid-body point-based registration 1998
65 631 K Etemad, R Chellappa Discriminant analysis for recognition of human face images 1997
66 593 J Bruce, T Balch, M Veloso Fast and inexpensive color image segmentation for interactive robots 2000
67 591 PHS Torr, DW Murray The development and comparison of robust methods for estimating the fundamental matrix 1997
68 591 PHS Torr, A Zisserman MLESAC: A new robust estimator with application to estimating image geometry 2000
69 585 BKP Horn, HM Hilden, S Negahdaripour Closed-form solution of absolute orientation using orthonormal matrices 1988
70 584 RT Frankot, R Chellappa A method for enforcing integrability in shape from shading algorithms 1988
71 574 BKP Horn Understanding image intensities 1977



F Solina, R Bajcsy

Recovery of parametric models from range images: The case for superquadrics with global deformations


73 563 W Zhao, R Chellappa, A Krishnaswamy Discriminant analysis of principal components for face recognition 1998
74 563 A Prati, I Mikic, MM Trivedi, R Cucchiara Detecting moving shadows: Algorithms and evaluation 2003
75 554 Hoover, A.D., Kouznetsova, V.,  Goldbaum, M. Locating blood vessels in retinal images by piecewise threshold probing of a matched filter response 2000
76 554 SK Nayar, K Ikeuchi, T Kanade Surface reflection: physical and geometrical perspectives 1991
77 544 M Kass, A Witkin Analyzing oriented patterns 1987
78 537 R. T. Collins , A. J. Lipton , H.Fujiyoshi , T. Kanade Algorithms for cooperative multisensor surveillance 2001
79 534 BKP Horn Extended gaussian images 1984
80 523 C. Thorpe, M. Hebert, T. Kanade, S. Shafer Vision and navigation for the Carnegie-Mellon Navlab 1988
81 512 AR Bruss, BKP Horn Passive navigation 1983
82 506 T Kanade Picture processing system by computer complex and recognition of human faces 1973
83 505 SK Zhou, R Chellappa, B Moghaddam Visual tracking and recognition using appearance-adaptive models in particle filters 2004
84 505 Y Furukawa, J Ponce Accurate, dense, and robust multiview stereopsis 2010
85 502 PJ Besl, RC Jain Invariant surface characteristics for 3D object recognition in range images 1986
86 502 T Kanade, P Rander, PJ Narayanan Virtualized reality: Constructing virtual worlds from real scenes 1997
87 500 K Kanatani Geometric computation for machine vision 1993

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