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Computer vision links Edit

  • Computer Vision News, the online magazine of the Algorithm community: news, research papers, apps, challenges, tools, tricks and more.
  • Computer Vision Online in this website, you can find links about different aspects of computer vision including softwares, hardwares, datasets, groups, events, jobs and much more.
  • Computer Vision Central bridges industry and academia, providing daily computer vision news, a discussion forum, professional profiles, and listings of jobs, conferences, workshops, and research groups.
  • Computer Vision Foundation - open access to articles
  • GPRSG - this web-site has general picture recognition software allowing you to find a picture on your computer.
  • DAPRA opportunity for small, independent teams of 2-4 persons to spend 8 weeks paid by DARPA to make image/vision applicaiton breakthrough of the team's choosing - APPLY BY 31 JULY 2012
  • Calendar of Computer Image Analysis, Computer Vision Conferences - conferences


This is a list of the most prominent conferences within the field of Computer vision, Pattern recognition and to some extent image processing.



  • CVPR 2008 Conference - Anchorage, Alaska, june 24-26.
  • FGR2006 - Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, Southampton, UK, April 10-12, 2006
  • VS-PETS 2005 - Visual Surveillance and Performance Evaluation of Tracking and Surveillance, 15-16 October 2005, Beijing, China
  • IVCNZ2005 - Image and Vision Computing New Zealand [1]

Computer Vision Conferences Mirror

Related conferences Edit

  • European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)
  • Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV)
  • IEEE Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC)
    • IEEE VRIC main homepage. Collaboration with IEEE France and ACM SIGGRAPH
    • IEEE VRIC 2013, Laval Virtual, France, March 20-22
    • IEEE VRIC 2012, Laval Virtual, France, March 28-30
    • IEEE VRIC 2011, Laval Virtual, France, April 6-8
    • IEEE VRIC 2010, Laval Virtual, France, April 7-9
    • IEEE VRIC 2009, Laval Virtual, France, April 22-26
    • IEEE VRIC 2008, Laval Virtual, France, April 9-13
    • IEEE VRIC 2007, Laval Virtual, France, April 18-20
    • IEEE VRIC 2006, Laval Virtual, France, April 26-28
    • IEEE VRIC 2005, Laval Virtual, France, April 18-22
    • IEEE VRIC 2004, Laval Virtual, France, May 11-16

Closely related conferences Edit

  • IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP)
    • ICIP 2013 Melbourne, Australia. September 15-19
    • ICIP 2012 Orlando, USA. September 30- October 3
    • ICIP 2011 Brussels, Belgium. September 11-14
    • ICIP 2010 Hong Kong September 12-15
    • ICIP 2009 Cairo, Egypt. November 7-11
    • ICIP 2008 San Diego, USA. October 12-15
    • ICIP 2007 San Antonio,USA. September 16-19
    • ICIP 2006 Atlanta, USA. October 8-11
    • ICIP 2005 Genova, Italy. September 11-14
    • ICIP 2004 Singapore. October 24-27
    • ICIP 2003 Barcelona, Spain. September 14-18
    • ICIP 2002 Rochester, USA. September 22-25
    • ICIP 2001 Thessaloniki, Greece. October 7-10
    • ICIP 2000 Vancouver, Canada. September 10-13
    • ICIP 1999 Kobe, Japan. October 24-28
    • ICIP 1998 Chicago, USA. October 4-7
    • ICIP 1997 Washington, USA. October 26-29
    • ICIP 1996 Lausanne, Switzerland. September 16-19
    • ICIP 1995 Washington, USA. October 23-26
    • ICIP 1994 Austin, USA. November 13-16


  • i-LIDS - Imagery Library for Intelligent Detection Systems (maintained by HOSDB - Home Office Scientific Development Branch, UK)
  • CAVIAR - Context Aware Vision using Image-based Active Recognition

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IJCV - International Journal of Computer Vision

TPAMI Transactions - Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

others at Publications page

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